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SM64O Multiplayer Help!
I want to play SM64O on ONE Computer but I have no idea how! I really want to play it with my little sister and she wants to do it too. Can anyone help me?
On Linux we can use something called Multiseat.
Not sure whether this exists on Windows too or not howevs.
The god of the Moriya Shrine in Suwa, I guess.
Find the LAN opinion and enable it, type localhost for IP.

EDIT: I didn't test this.
I usually just use net64 and simply boot two project 64s ad two net 64s. ive managed to do it with up to 4 people
Try the SM64 2-player rom hack
I made a video specifically for this purpose using Net64+:

It is a lot harder to set up with Net64
If you wanna play in ONE Computer you must create a server in one emulator and you join in other emulator.

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