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"Could no Connect/start server"
Hi, I'm LFJ, [Image: head dragon.png] i have a problem in SM64O, when trying to access a server appears "Could not connect / start server!". This does not happen all the time, sometimes it enters well but ... most of the time that message appears, i hope you can help me, thanks
PD: I speak Spanish, sorry for the bad English
Could we get a anything that doesn't require us to consult a magician?
Like a screenshot, an error log, or even a video?
The god of the Moriya Shrine in Suwa, I guess.
Tongue Since it works sometimes and not others.... Im guessing the servers you are trying to connect to aren't always up or perhaps you tried to connect to a server that wasn't up. There are server checkers now Wink so that's a good resource to use to test if that is the issue. Other than that you might try some of the things listed here
[Image: mwTptsM.png]Koopa Troopa[Image: mwTptsM.png]
The server could be offline OR the server isn't port forwarded.
The person joining my server is having this issue. I porrforwarded and it's online. Any help?

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