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I'm using SM64O on Mac but Wine and PlayOnMac won't open the file
Other .exe files (such as Project64) open just fine when using these apps but SM64O won't open and I want to play it so bad Sad
While Wine simply doesn't open it, PlayOnMac (that is more detailed and more helpful for laymen like me) gives me an error box:
[Image: ZFIXwVr.png]
If anyone wants the Debug file:

EDIT: Apparently it has something to do with .NET Framework, how do I install a newer version in Mac?
One option would be to install .NET Framework via Winetricks (link includes 4 different ways to install it, don't follow all of those!), might be the easiest option.
The god of the Moriya Shrine in Suwa, I guess.
It worked, thanks!  Big Grin

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