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My Project64 wont let me change my memory size!
I was having trouble with sm64o, but then I realized that I didn't have my memory size on 8mb. But when I tried to change it, it kept going back to 4mb. I couldn't find any threads out there about this, so I came here for answers.
Is show advanced settings enabled or disabled?
Based on the emulator you use, you may need to press a further button to apply the change.

As example, using the "OK" Button on newer Project64 Versions should only safe the change for the current session. In order to set it permanently, you will need to press "Apply" in the Options Menu as well.

On Project64 1.6 this should not happen. However, take sure that you edit the Memory Size located on "Rom Settings".
Please note, that this setting needs to be set again for every ROM. So if you change the ROM, you will need to edit the Memory Size for this file again.
I did edit the memory size, and the apply changes button doesn't exist on 1.6, I'm not sure why this happened.
Watch this video i used 1.6 and it shows you how to setup SM64O 
[Image: BS7jhiY.png]
If you need any help pm me
- The One and Only Jerry

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