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Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: What is Net64

Sm64O was renamed to Net64

Q: Where do I even start?

You can try the newbie edition:

Q: What version of .NET do I need?

Latest 4.5.2 but the latest works better

Q: Programs are not loading when I start them

Make sure you have the latest .net frameworks:

Q: Net64 worked the last time i ran it

Re-download Net64 and restart your computer

Q: My character is invisible when i join a server

This is a bug, ask the host to restart the server.

Q: Crash when using new characters

Make sure the emulator memory is set to 8mb and counter factor to 1 in the settings.

Q: When i try and run Net64 it says i'm missing files

Make sure you are extracting all the files when running, if already done then re-download Net64

Q: Critical Error: Could not connect/start server! 
Q: How do I port forward? 

Can't really help you with this one because every router is different but you can try finding your router on this site and that might help you

Q: Can I use Netplay with Net64


Q: How do I use Hamachi?

Q: Is Net64 compatible with Windows XP?

 Not officially supported, No

Q: How do I get this to work on Mac?

Mac is not supported, you have to run it using Wine. You can find videos on YouTube on how to do this
Do not PM asking for help, we have a help section for that. you can also get help on discord. 

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